Marine Supply Company

SMV Group specializes in technical marine supply: spare parts for main and auxiliary engines, compressors, pumps, separators, boilers, pressure gauges etc.
The main directions are: L20, separators Alfa Laval and Westfalia, air starters TDI T50P, 45МА, filters Bollfilter Boll&Kirch.
Stock presence in Europe, allows to operate with the shortest possible delivery time. Stock inventory lists are steadily growing.

Sulzer spare parts

Do you need to buy original parts for equipment manufactured by Swiss consortium Sulzer? Our company offers parts, consumables, filters, cartridges, and other accessories for

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Alfa Laval parts in Europe

Alfa Laval parts The Swedish brand Alfa Laval manufactures separating, heat-exchange, and flow-conducting equipment and is a recognized world leader in these fields. The company,

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The general level of a ship reliability depends on its parts’ quality i.e. good quality of the parts for the ship’s engines, separators, compressors, pumps.  Besides, quality, reliability, and durability of the parts will predetermine the time which a vessel will have to pass in a downtime necessary for repairs. This is only a short list of reasons that force ship owners to choose products of well-known manufacturers and reliable suppliers. Any experiments, attempts to save money on the supply services, can result in elevated costs, and downtime of the vessel.

Of course, in case of necessity it is possible to replace the entire engine with a new one, but few people are ready to bear such significant financial costs, despite the fact that there is a more affordable and reasonable alternative – spare parts. The timely replacement of a broken part will prevent a major overhaul. Sometimes parts are bought not for the purpose of repairs, but to increase the system performance: an outdated part is often left in the stock, while a new one, having a higher potential,  replaces it.

SMV Group specializes in the supply of spare parts for main and auxiliary engines of a vessel. The catalogue offers you spare parts for  L20, for various pumps, separators, compressors, automation systems. Besides, you can buy various repair kits from us.


We cooperate with well-known brands that offer products with time-tested quality, confirmed by thousands of buyers. The catalogue includes links to L20, Alfa-Laval and Westfalia separators, TDI T50P, 45MA air starters, manometers, pressure-and-vacuum gages, marine filters Bollfilter (Boll & Kirch). Whatever part you might need, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with what you receive – we will take care of it.

We are constantly expanding the range of parts available in our warehouse, both in nomenclature and number. If you have not found in our catalogue, or the warehouse list, the part you need, contact us, we will try to find a solution for your request in the shortest time. Parts made to order is one of the directions in which we are actively developing.

The group of companies has warehouses not only in Europe which allows to plan logistics in an optimal way, minimize financial costs for the goods’ delivery, ensure efficiency and reliability of supplies without breaking its deadlines.