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Alfa Laval parts in Europe

Alfa Laval parts

The Swedish brand Alfa Laval manufactures separating, heat-exchange, and flow-conducting equipment and is a recognized world leader in these fields. The company, founded by engineer Gustaf de Laval, has been developing its products since 1883. It started with one ingenious invention and innovation has always been the key to the prosperity of the trademark, which has more than 3,700 patents under its belt. The trademark pays special attention to environmental protection and energy saving.

Heat-exchange, flow-conducting, separating equipment of the Scandinavian brand is in demand in a variety of industries:

  • shipbuilding and mechanical engineering;
  • metallurgy, mining;
  • electronics, biotechnology, nuclear energy;
  • chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food industry;
  • petroleum refining;
  • ventilation, heating and cooling systems;
  • water treatment plants.

Alfa Laval products (spare parts for marine engines, compressors, pumps, separators, boilers, automation and instrumentation) are sold by SMV VEST. Own warehouses in Europe allow the company to supply separating, flow-conducting and heat-exchange equipment within best time limits.