Sulzer spare parts

Do you need to buy original parts for equipment manufactured by Swiss consortium Sulzer? Our company offers parts, consumables, filters, cartridges, and other accessories for the equipment of this brand.

We are happy to offer you original parts for Sulzer equipment for the following categories:

  • centrifugal pumps;
  • equipment for processing, power-producing, wood-pulp industry, food industry;
  • water supply, waste water systems, treatment;
  • rectifying plants, absorption plants;
  • film-type evaporator;
  • turbines, generators, engines.

The main activity field of Sulzer company is the production of industrial machines, ship engines, surface treatment and development of modern pumps’ new models for heavy and consumer goods industries.

In our online shop you will find Sulzer spare parts for:

  • horizontal split case pumps;
  • barrel insert pumps;
  • drainage pumps;
  • fire and sludge pumps;
  • lubricating systems;
  • screw-type pumps, multiphase pumps, multi-stage pumps, single-stage pumps;
  • modern and out-dated immersion pumps’ models.

All the products are certified, comply with the safety requirements, and were created with the help of licensed processes.

We collaborate with ОЕМ-manufacturers directly, providing only original spare parts for Sulzer equipment.

Fast deliveries for your comfort

Sulzer spare parts delivered by our company create the basis for continuous operation of  hydraulic, mechanic, turbine units supporting all the production processes of your enterprise.  Partnership with our company will provide you with all the necessary items for further development:

  • direct spare parts’ deliveries for on-the-spot maintenance of pumps and mechanisms;
  • no need to have a warehouse for spare parts stocking;
  • high efficiency of equipment;
  • guarantee of full compatibility of our spare parts with your equipment.

High quality standards of the delivered equipment combined with the modern production technologies will allow to substitute the broken parts and units immediately even under harsh operational conditions.

Benefits of Sulzer spare parts that we supply:

  • corrosion resistance;
  • high-wearing feature;
  • client-oriented selection of spare parts taking into account the field of application and the pumped medium (water, sludge, solid formations);
  • increased operational resource of the equipment;
  • reliability and stable operation of the equipment;
  • on-the-spot repairs;
  • decreased costs for procurement of new pumps and units.

When placing your order, indicate the list of Sulzer spare parts that shall be supplied. Besides, specify the type of equipment and the field of your company activity and we will get ready the necessary quantity of consumable materials.

Fast replenishment of warehouse stocks

Simultaneous operation of a great number of pumps, units, and engines requires a company-owned warehouse with spare parts in case of unforeseen circumstances or an emergency breakdown of machinery.

Even experienced specialists find it difficult to forecast the quantity of the worn-out parts and consumables. We are ready to do this job for you making a detailed analysis of the available stock. Based on the available stock we will develop a strategy envisaging supplies of all the necessary parts to the client, as and when the available equipment parts wear out.

Our clients enjoy a number of benefits:

  • shifting to stocks distant management and decreasing costs for premises maintenance;
  • optimization, stocktaking, sorting of the current stocks;
  • decrease of labor inputs for the stocks management;
  • emptying production areas for new tasks.

We will ensure uninterrupted supplies of Sulzer original parts at any time using our own wide logistics and warehouses’ network.

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