Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger is a device developed by the Swedish specialists from the namesake company. Its main task is to transfer thermal energy from the environment, which has been heated, to a colder space. The use of such equipment makes it possible to debug thermoregulation processes.

Alfa Laval plates are in high demand in the world market; they are distinguished by good efficiency and safety for the environment. At Smv Vest, you can buy Alfa Laval heat exchangers of the required type and configuration. We provide direct supplies of devices from the manufacturer and reasonable prices for the high-quality products.

Key features of Alfa Laval plates

The Swedish manufacturer has spent a lot of time developing energy efficient heat exchangers. The device is a body in which corrugated plates are enclosed, turned towards each other in parallel planes. When the unit is switched on, the plate elements are in a compressed state. Narrow slotted channels are formed between them.

To ensure tightness of the device, a steel partition is placed on the outside of the heat exchanger, but a dense rubberized Alfa Laval gasket is placed more often.

In the plates themselves, there are holes through which heated air is diverted to a channel and cold air is supplied (two channels for each direction). The channels are completely isolated from each other, which excludes any possibility of mixing media.

Various fillers can act as a heat carrier in the device, including freon, steam, water, oil, various food liquids, and more. Heat transfer efficiency is achieved by the fact that the plates in every Alfa Laval model are manufactured using a one-step extrusion technology. This makes them very thin.

The device’s special configuration makes it possible to achieve the maximum heat exchange area — this has a positive effect on performance indicators.


The main types of Alfa Laval heat exchangers

In the Swedish manufacturer’s catalog, you can find:

  • classic Alfa Laval brazed heat exchangers;
  • dismountable devices;
  • welded plate heat exchangers;
  • welded spiral and shell-and-plate models;
  • devices with a package of welded plates (the unit’s body is dismountable).

Brazed heat exchangers are characterized by increased joint rigidity and excellent tightness, which makes them the most demanded on the market. Plates of such models are made of stainless chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel. The plates are internally connected during production by welding using copper or nickel electrodes. They do not use tie bolts and additional spacers — they are not needed, since the sealing is provided by the solder itself.

Alfa Laval brazed heat exchangers have good pressure resistance and are characterized by high stability during operation.


Key benefits of Alfa Laval heat exchangers

Among the main advantages of the devices from this manufacturer are the following:

  • small size of models;
  • resistance to aggressive media;
  • creation of a turbulent exchange flow (due to this, the system is self-cleaning);
  • the possibility of increasing power by delivering new plates;
  • ease of installation;
  • reliability of the main connections.

Our company supplies a wide range of Swedish heat exchangers. We have our own warehouses in Europe. We provide prompt delivery of equipment to any region of the country. Please feel free to contact us!